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Different Camp Descriptions!

Scamper Camp (Ages 4-7)

Junior (Ages 7-9)

Intermediate Camp (Ages 10-12)

Teen Camp (Ages 13 to 15)

Out Door Trip (Ages 13 to 15)

If your child is registered for one of these camps, they will enjoy the fun and excitement of camp life with their peers, in an age appropriate environment. These camps follow a daily routine of waterfront time, recreation, arts & crafts, and Living and Learning sessions. Camp wide games, campfire, singsongs and exploring McDougall's natural surroundings are some highlights! Campers will become quickly familiar with these activities.

Whether Scamper, Junior or Intermediate campers, they will be provided a continuity of programs, time for adventure, including the assurances of healthy meal and appropriate sleep time routines. 

If you are enrolling your child into the Scamper Camp, be sure to note that it is an overnight camp. For the best camping experience, it is strongly encouraged that a child of this age group engage in some family/friends ‘sleepovers’, prior to coming to camp. Having knowledge of being away from home at night time, of course, is new and different for them. 

There is a cap of 5, 4 year olds with a maximum of 20 camper spots available for Scamper Camp this summer. 

What a wonderful way to introduce your child into the McDougall camping experience is with Scamper Camp!

Teen Camp for youth, ages 13-15 will appreciate all of what a typical camp day offers, including waterfront, recreation, arts & crafts sessions, along with some opportunities to make informed choices as to where their interests draw them. Teens will be introduced to some leadership opportunities to build self-confidence and independence. In the Living & Learning sessions, youth will explore how they connect and contribute to the community and the world around them. 

Camp Week Descriptions: Parents
Camp Week Descriptions: Parents
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