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Camp Life

Not sure what to expect at camp? The following will describe how the camp functions, schedules, and some daily activities involved in camp life.

Cabin Assignments: The campers at each camp are divided into cabin groups. A minimum ratio of 5 [campers]:1 [counsellor] will be maintained.

Daily Schedule: This is a sample of a typical day at Camp McDougall. Theme days and special events will often mean an alteration to the schedule. Please notice that this is a very active and busy schedule, so it is essential to get as much sleep as possible every night.

Morning Watch / Vespers: Each day begins with Morning Watch. All camp people gather around the flag pole to share in a land acknowledgment and sing the national anthem, followed by a brief reflection, thought, or prayer to start the day. Similarly, the day is ended with a brief thought or reflection around the campfire known as Vespers.

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What to Bring to Camp

And what NOT to!

What to Bring

*    Clothes (swimsuit, pants, shorts, shirts, sweaters, jackets, shoes, socks, underwear, pajamas)

*    Hat, Rainwear

*    Water Bottle, Flashlight

*    Costumes, Musical Instruments

*    Sleeping Bag, Extra Blanket, Pillow, Pillow Case

*    Toiletries (no aerosol cans please), Toothbrush, Toothpaste

*    Prescription Medication (Any medication must be in original pharmacy containers and include specific

      instructions and be given to the Camp Director on arrival at camp.)

*    Towel, Face Cloth, Soap

*    Personal reading materials

*    Bible, (optional)

*    Bug Repellant (no aerosol cans please)

*    Sun Screen (recommended SPF 30 or greater)

*    Bog Clothes --- Bog clothes are old play clothes (long sleeve shirt and long pants) for wallowing in the BOG!

      The bog wallow is a favourite optional end-of-camp activity. Please note that the clothes are not likely to be

      useful after this event - black mud is involved!

What NOT to bring

*    Cellphones, Cameras                    *    Non-prescription Medication
*    Knives                                        *    Junk Food (munchies attract unwanted
*    Alcohol, Tobacco Products                   critters into the cabin)
*    Valuables, Money


Camp Staff will do all possible to prevent allergic reactions by avoiding or removing allergens that cause the reaction, ie: certain foods, molds, insects. In the event of an allergic reaction, camp staff are trained to deal with the situation. Please speak to the Camp Director to advise them of any special requirements for your child regarding allergies.  Lifestyle dietary choices that require individual menu preparation cannot be accommodated.

Peanut Allergies

When a registered camper has a peanut allergy, camp will operate as a "nut-aware zone". This means that the camp will take all measures possible to ensure that no one on site comes into contact with nuts or products that may have come into contact with peanuts or peanut-oil derivatives.

All food labels will be thoroughly checked, any food that may have previously come into contact with nuts will be disposed of or securely stored.

NOTE: If your child's food allergies cannot be accommodated, you will be notified.

Dietary Accomodations

Camp will do its best to accommodate vegetarian or vegan diets as best we can.

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